10K complete, one race to go!


6.2 miles later, I’m so excited to share that Race #2 of Running for Nana Round Two is in the books! Couldn’t have asked for a better day for a race (minus the humidity…dry Colorado air, where are you?). It was also the first race I’ve done almost entirely in the dark – we’re excited for Daylight Savings to shed a little more light tomorrow on Race #3!

Although the finish line is incredible, my favorite part of every race is the start line. There’s an unmatched sense of energy, excitement, joy, nerves, and commitment that’s hard to beat. And, shortly after the start line, I had a sign from Nan telling me that she was right there the whole time. Moon River – her favorite song – came on my shuffled playlist of over 100 songs in between Mile 1 and Mile 2! Thanks, Nan 🙂

img_7183.jpgI am also so deeply grateful to my beautiful parents, who came to the start line (we boarded the bus before 4:00 am…) and then came to the finish line and waited until I crossed. Does a girl get any luckier?


It’s hard to believe we’re closing in on the big day – the final race of Running for Nana Round Two. Almost a year ago, my mom and I were prepped to run the Disney Half Marathon in January when it was cancelled the night before due to forecasted thunderstorms. We were so deeply disappointed, especially after so many months of training and mentally preparing. But, they were kind enough to let us transfer our registration to another race, and here we are again on the eve of a Half Marathon! What a difference a year makes.

I cannot wait to line up at the start with my beautiful momma tomorrow morning. What a gift it has been to take on this adventure with her! I’ll sign off here for tonight, but can’t wait to share more about tomorrow’s race. If you’d like to join in this adventure, please just click the link herehttps://www.achievingcures.com/marathondonation

Tomorrow, we’re running for Nana!


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