Race #2 and #3 have arrived!


It all feels a little surreal, but I’m writing on the eve of race #2 (and the eve eve of race #3) of Running for Nana Round Two. Where does the time go?!

We’re here at the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend and tomorrow morning (Saturday), I’ll be stepping off at the starting line of the 10K Race! My mom is resting her knees tomorrow and then we’ll BOTH set out at the starting line for the Half Marathon race on Sunday. We are READY for that celebratory post-race glass of wine!


Two years ago this month, I officially decided I wanted to run a marathon to celebrate my beautiful Nana and to fight back against C. difficile, the infection against which she rallied time and again. The past two years have been an incredible, unforgettable ride, and I have each one of you to thank.

And, because of you, we’ve already raised $3,585 of our $10,000 goal for Achieving Cures Together and the fight against C. difficile! I am so deeply grateful to everyone who has already joined in this journey. You are truly making a difference in the lives of people fighting C. diff like my Nana. If you would like to support this adventure, please click the link herehttps://www.achievingcures.com/marathondonation.


I’ll keep this post brief because it’s getting a bit late here at the 10K race steps off at 5:30 tomorrow morning! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing support throughout this journey – and we’re not done yet! I can’t wait to share more after tomorrow’s race as we prep for the final run of Running for Nana Round Two.

Though I always get a little nervous on race eve/day, I’m reflecting tonight on the immense honor it is to run for my Nana. No course is ever lonely and no race is ever too long, because I always have my angel cheering from afar. Cheers to you, Nan. I love you more!

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