More smiles are always good.


It really is crazy what a difference a year makes.

One year ago today, my Nana was diagnosed with C. diff. By this time, she was on her fourth day in the hospital and was feeling pretty miserable, so it almost seemed like a relief that they had found something with a treatment. At the time, we really didn’t know much about C. diff at all.

It’s tough to think about that day and the fight that followed for Nana. At the same time though, thinking about that fight reminds me how determinedly brave she was to face C. diff head on with a courage all her own.

I’ve been thinking about this day all week, and I find it hard to believe that it’s already been a year. If she were here today, I know she wouldn’t want to talk or even think about C. diff – she would have wanted to talk about something that made her happy instead. And, I think in some way, she was helping me to want to do the same. It seemed like just a bit more than a coincidence that this email appeared in my inbox yesterday from Grandma’s Marathon:


After the initial flood of anxiety I felt when I realized that there are less than 7 weeks left of training, this felt like a reminder from Nan to keep my chin up and my feet moving. (Also, perhaps a gentle reminder that not every day can be a “rest” day…).

As I write this, it’s Thursday evening and we’re all zeroing in on that elusive weekend. In case you could use a few smiles to slide through the last weekday, I’m going to take Nan’s lead and share a few things that are keeping my chin up today:

  1. Mr. Bill. Our family has always really lucked out on neighbors, especially those like Mr. Bill and Jeanne. When Nana got sick, they always went out of their way to send her a card or stop at the mailbox to ask how she was doing. They are two of a kind, and a local newspaper recently recognized that, too. Click on the link to be inspired by one of the best people I’ve ever known. (A big thanks to Mr. Bill for letting me celebrate him through this blog!)
  2. This adorable story. Nana and I always loved to watch the evening news together when we could, and her favorite part was when they’d have happy stories in the last news slot – this was one of the best stories we saw. A bonus too, because it’s a story from Minnesota!
  3. THIS. Because of your immense generosity, we’re already over 20% of the way to reaching the $10,000 funding goal for C. diff and the Microbiota Therapeutics Program (MTP). I am so very grateful to everyone that has donated so far as well as to anyone considering donating in the future. The MTP is doing incredible work for patients fighting C. diff, and I’m so honored that you’d support them in this way.

Happy Friday eve to you!

PS – The training is still rolling! I’ll write more about that (and my newly begun “Marathon of Joy“) in the next post.

PPS – A bonus smile-inducer because I can’t not share this.

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