THIS week.

It is an exciting week for the race to Grandma’s Marathon, but I just can’t kick off this post without first acknowledging this weekend.

My Nana would have been devastated by what happened in Orlando on Sunday. She was always very informed about current events, and she would have watched the coverage for hours, until she just couldn’t watch anymore. Her heart would have ached for each the beautiful lives lost, their grieving families and friends, the survivors, and all of the people reeling from such violence, especially the LGBT community.

She would have held each of us a little tighter, and would have been grateful for all of the “helpers” and the stories of heroism, love, and genuine kindness that will no doubt surface over the next few days. Honestly, in the wake of such heroism and bravery, running a marathon seems like a much smaller feat. As this countdown week begins, my heart is with the people of Orlando.

It is an honor to be able to celebrate the beginning of this final week. In just 5 short days, I’ll be lining up at the starting line for Grandma’s Marathon. I have to pinch myself a little while typing that, as I can’t really believe that it’s almost here.

As far as training goes, I’m excited to share that I’ve officially completed my last long training run – 20 miles. From here on out, I’m going to be tapering down and trying not to be too clumsy before the big day. I can’t wait to add up the miles after the marathon is over and make my second donation to the MTP. Also, I’m excited to share that I’ve completed 12 miles on my Marathon of Joy, and I can’t wait to finish it out.

And, I won’t be lining up on race day alone. In addition to the 9,099 other runners (a sold-out celebration of the 40th running of the marathon), I will be lining up with each of you. The starting line will be filled by the words of encouragement, love, hope, support, and humor that you’ve filled my life with over the past several months. It’ll be filled by a deep desire to not trip over my own two feet (at least not before the race even starts…).

Most of all, it’ll be filled by your generosity. Over 50 families, friends, and loved ones have made a commitment to support the Microbiota Therapeutics Program and the fight against C. difficile. I’m absolutely blown away. And, you’re coming along with me – let me show you what I mean:


This is a photo of the “bracelet” I’m going to be taking with me on race day. (It’s expanded a little bit, and will now be worn on my belt). It has the initials (or a heart symbol if your initial contains an “r”, as my bead set has no “r’s”…) of each person or family who has donated to the Microbiota Therapeutics Program as part of this journey. I know it is going to be a challenging race, but whenever I need to, I will be able to look down at each bead and remember that I’m not running alone.

You have given me and the the Microbiota Therapeutics Program an immense gift. Because of your generosity, we are over 56% of the way to the $10,000 goal as we enter this homestretch. Just think about what a difference that will make to the fight against C. diff! There is plenty of room left on that string, and it would be an honor to keep adding initials all the way to race day.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d like to invite you to make a donation to the Microbiota Therapeutics Program that is meaningful to you. Please know that every donation matters, and no amount is too small. To join this fight against C. diff, please click here to make a donation to the Microbiota Therapeutics Program. Thank you so, so very much!!

To wrap up this post and to kick start a Monday morning, I think it’s only fitting that we have a few smile-inducing videos to celebrate together.

[Spoiler alert: They’re all from the Ellen Degeneres show because she’s the best and watching her videos/show has been a wonderful part of this training adventure. Also, her movie, “Finding Dory,” comes out the day before the marathon, so there’s got to be some good mojo there]. 

  1. A mood booster just for Monday:
  2. Here’s what I hope to not do on race day…
  3. Here’s what made me cry like a child. Ellen’s generosity knows no bounds.

81 - 2007 Nana Sticking out Tongue


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